Booking means you're declaring to the universe that you are ready to heal, grow, learn and evolve. Your soul will celebrate as it whispers, "she's ready". Breathe a sigh of relief now, love, because your life is about to become truly yours.

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Energy Healing/Reiki

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing that utilizes the life force energy flowing around and within us (known as ‘ki’). The practitioner intentionally channels this energy to rebalance and remove blockages within your system. Signs that ki is not functioning as it should are: lethargy, dis-ease, anxiety, low mood, depression, lack of confidence, restlessness, and overall dissatisfaction with life. Each energy healing session utilizes reiki, intuition and mindfulness to return your system to well-being, relieve stress, fill you with a sense of peace, and receive intuitive messages to support your own personal healing.

sessions run from 1.5-2hrs, in-person
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Transformation Coaching

Dedicated time and space for you to discover who you really are. We’ll look at things that may be holding you back – limiting beliefs, trauma, struggles with self-worth, operating out of fear, etc. Once you acknowledge and release all of those fears and unwritten “rules” that run your life, you create some room for your soul to speak to you. I help you meet your Higher Self, look at the things that make you feel alive, discover your unique skills and talents and your path to living a full and meaningful life.


New client? The 3 session package is recommended.

sessions are 1hr in length, virtual
single session
3 session package $249
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1.5 -3hr workshops include:

  • "Understanding Self-Love" 

         1.5 hrs, $25​

  • "Conscious Parenting"

         1.5 hrs x 2 evenings, $50


Series workshops include:


4-week workshop designed to acknowledge who you are showing up as and guides you toward who you want to be. 


Group Coaching

6-week group coaching sessions. Each week has a different theme to help you uncover and shed light on lost parts of yourself.


Kids Mindfulness Sessions

4-week themed workshop. Guiding and empowering children who are highly sensitive beings - diagnosed with ASD, anxiety, depression or struggle with managing their emotions.

4 x 30 minute, one-on-one sessions.