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A little about me

Carley Johnson Healing was created out of love for myself, my mother, my grandmother and every other woman who has stifled their emotions or experience out of expectation or fear.


Because when women heal themselves, they heal

the world.

In 2019 I found myself at a rock bottom. I was an anxious perfectionist for as long as I could remember. Living on people-pleasing, proving my worth, and continuous cycles of anxiety and depression finally got too heavy. On that sunny Sunday in July, I sobbed in my mom's arms and said, "I can't be this Carley anymore".

That was the day I surrendered who I thought I was to become who I was always meant to be. The two years following that were filled with healing - coming back to the Truth of who I am. It's so easy for us to get stuck in the roles and expectations that the world puts on us. It's so easy to believe that's who we really are. For me, there was always something I was trying to attain but never seemed to be able to reach it. I always wanted more or different but of what, I didn't know.

I finally looked at my trauma instead of avoiding it. I finally felt all of the feelings I covered up with perfectionism and spending money. I finally let myself let go of trying to be someone and just let myself be.

Through reiki sessions, yoga classes, walks in the woods, pages of journalling and screaming into tree roots in the forest, I slowly learned about myself. When I wasn't expecting myself to be someone, I was able to be who I was. I discovered how intuitive I am. I discovered how compassionate I am. I discovered how much I loved myself. I found joy in the ordinary. I opened up to the life that was calling me all along. A life of love. Of service.  A life of authenticity. 

happy woman doing yoga

And so, here I am! Most days I am aligned with my higher self and on the days that I'm not, I forgive myself or whisper, "it's ok, I won't leave you" as I hold my precious heart. I no longer betray myself for the approval of others. I give myself the love I was forever seeking from someone else. I have learned that you can only love others to the extent that you love yourself. So, when we finally meet, know that I welcome every bit of you. I will help you welcome every bit too. And on the days you feel like a terrible host, know that I will stay with you until you're ready to try again.

There is love here for just have to be brave enough to let it in.

The light in me honours and bows to the light in you. 

happy woman
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